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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the major benefits of using Keylogger Software?
    You can easily monitor and track the overall computer activities including employees during office hours and children activities at home in your absence.

  • How a keylogger helps to increase the business productivity?
    Keylogger Software restricts the employee’s nasty computer activities by tracking online shopping sites, social network sites visited and recording online chat conversations performed by the employer which help in improving the employee’s performance towards their work that leads to increase in business productivity.

  • What versions of Windows do Keylogger Software compatible with?
    Keylogger Software supports all Windows versions like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  • How does Keylogger Software helpful in monitoring the kid's activities?
    Keylogger Software runs secretly in background and records all kid`s online chat details, visited website details, typed passwords and other kids activities.

  • Can I try out Keylogger Software before purchasing?
    We provide the demo version of Keylogger Software that helps you to easily understand and analyze the efficient functionality of the software.

  • What is the use of Email option in the Keylogger Software?
    Advance Keylogger Software facilitates automatic emailing of all recorded log files at user specified location. Email provides you all the recorded keystrokes, visited website urls details, online chat conversation, mail details, typed passwords and other keyboard activities recorded in the log file format.

  • What is the use of FTP settings in Advanced Keylogger Software?
    Advanced keylogger software allows you to upload the log files by enabling FTP server settings so that you can easily access the log files without being physically present at key logger installed PC.

  • How the trial versions of Keylogger Software differ from the licensed version?
    Trial version of Keylogger software works only for 30 days. For full software access, you have to purchase the licensed version of keylogger software.

  • Does the Keylogger software is password protected?
    Yes, Keylogger software is password protected and no one other than system administrator (or computer owner) can login or modify software configuration settings.

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