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Keylogger Download software- Basic is well designed tool used to monitor and record everything typed on your computer such as password/logins, chat details, all internet activities (typed url’s, visited web pages), executed or launched applications etc in hidden encrypted log files. Automatic keyboard tracker utility with all advanced features runs in complete stealth mode to provide detailed activity report along with time and date of each session created with email log facility to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away. Superb stealth PC monitoring tool provide you complete solution in case you want to know exactly what your child surf online, or you are eager to know what your employees are doing during their working hours. PC surveillance tool overrides by a list of antivirus software and invisibly reside in the system to keep track of user activities in cost effective manner.

All-in-One solution for various application areas:

  • Business and Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Consumer
  • Parental Monitoring

Security Features:

  • Keystroke Recorder Logs all keystrokes typed by any user on your computer along with time stamp and application name.
  • Password Tracker Retrieve and recollect passwords which are forgotten or misplaced by user mistakes.
  • Chat Messaging Tracer Monitors and record all online chat messaging activities of external users on your PC.
  • Application Activity Recorder Easily record all applications launched by user and what text was typed there including various parameters of the launched program.
  • Undetectable Process Runs secretly in the background and does not appear in Add-Remove Programs list, Installation path, Program files menu.
  • E-mail Log Files – Invisible Keylogger encrypts all log files to let you know what is happening on the PC while you are away and facilitates to receive log files at predefined e-mail.
  • Encrypted Log Files Invisible Keylogger encrypts all log files to let you know what is happening on the PC and protects them from being viewed by others.
  • Password Protected Utility Restricts unauthorized users to access the software and only the specified user can view recorded files or can modify the software settings.
  • Record Startup time and Time settings – Provides facility to record windows startup time and system time modifications.

And Many More:

  • Powerful tool – Highly effective Keylogger software safely restore text which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or one week ago to let you know what exactly others do on your PC when you are away in stealth way so, user won’t know its existence.
  • Hot Key or Run command settings – User can easily assign hotkey or run command to unhide the software running in hidden mode.
  • Crystal view of recorded keystrokes – User can view each input keystroke or have a look of only printing keystrokes as per requirement.
  • Report Generation – Complete report of all recorded keystrokes can be easily generated in .txt or .html file format with specified date range.
  • User Friendly Interface – Highly interactive GUI interface allows users to easily install the application program without requiring any specified technical skill to operate the software.
  • Free to Try – Download 30 day’s free trial demo of Keylogger software to test and analyze the performance before purchasing full version of the software.

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